Reviver Series

Bringing Old Guitars Back To Life

2005 Squier ’51 by Fender
Tobacco Burst finish
Installed brass inserts into the neck
Hand-made bone nut replaced the original plastic nut
Installed Dunlop strap locks in black finish
Replaced broken push/pull potentiometer
Added set-screw type knobs to replace push-on type
Cleaned out the polyurethane overspray in the neck pocket

I refurbished this old Teisco hollowbody into something that played well and looked good doing it. The book-matched striped maple is finished in a tobacco burst lacquer finish. Pickups are GFS humbuckers. I added the Bigsby vibrato to give a little rockabilly feel. SOLD

These are all the same guitar, a MIM Fender Telecaster that I cleaned up and updated with a clear acrylic pickguard. I created a variety of interchangeable cloth underlayers with copper shielding. You can change the look in a matter of minutes. SOLD

Fender Thinline Telecaster

Fender Thinline Telecaster with upgraded with a clear acrylic pickguard and shielded cloth underlayer. SOLD

Squier 51

This Squier 51 was a yard sale find that needed a lot of work to make it playable. It was missing the nut and the electronics did not work. I replaced the push\pull pot for the coil-splitting function and made a new bone nut. I updated all the wiring. SOLD