Constructor Series

Some Guitars I Have Constructed

Most of the names of the guitars I build are inspired by some aspect of drag racing.

Super Gas - Black

The Super Gas line of guitars is based on the strat-style shape with an SSH pickup configuration. This is one in black. SOLD

Here is another Super Gas guitar in teal metallic. SOLD

The Pro Modified line of guitars is for strat-types with an overwound hot SSS pickup configuration. SOLD

I call this tele-style guitar The T-Bucket. It features a book-matched maple veneer with a cherry burst finish. I still have this one and play it regularly. NOT FOR SALE

This strat-style guitar with vintage lipstick tube pickups in a SSS configuration is called Super Stock. SOLD

This Jazz-style bass is called The Crankshaft. Car guys know that The Crankshaft is what holds the bottom end together. SOLD

This strat-style guitar was built as a tribute to Hank Marvin of the Shadows. Most British guitarists credit Hank Marvin as the one who inspired them to become guitarists in the first place.

The pickups are Apache single coils by Bare Knuckle Pickups. The body is one-piece ash and the neck is solid maple.

This is another one that I still have and it’s my go-to guitar for my daily practice. NOT FOR SALE