Mission Statement & Product Features

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What the heck was I thinking?

The purpose of Nitro Neil Guitars is two-fold:

  1. To supply musicians with a well-made guitar with the features that most players want in their guitars.
  2. To sell those guitars at a reasonable price.

In an effort to save money, many guitarists buy inexpensive foreign-made guitars and then spend lots of time and money upgrading those guitars to get the features and higher quality parts they really want.

The original idea behind Nitro Neil Guitars was to help guitarists avoid all that hassle and expense by building a high-quality guitar and offering it for a reasonable price. I am not trying to compete on price with foreign-made guitars. Nor am I trying to reinvent the electric guitar, or build the best guitars ever made. I just want to make good guitars that will play well, sound great, last a lifetime, and look good doing it.

Well Made, With Good Parts

All Nitro Neil Guitars are built using good parts – not the most expensive parts, but high-quality parts that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the standard features in all guitars constructed by Nitro Neil Guitars:

  • High-quality solid wood bodies.
    • NO plywood.
  • High-quality necks with smooth, clean frets.
    • NO sharp edges.
  • Necks attached using high-quality machine screws into brass inserts.
    • NO wood screws that loosen over time.
  • Solid wood-to-wood contact in the neck joint.
    • NO paint in the neck socket.
  • Machine-buffed NITROCELLULOSE lacquer finishes.
    • NO poly or plastic finishes.
  • Hand-made bone nuts.
    • NO plastic nuts.
  • Quality electronic parts from CTS, Switchcraft, Oak Grigsby, Sprague, and Mallory.
    • NO cheap electronics.
  • Brand name, high-quality pickups.
  • Brand name tuning pegs.
  • Well-made bridges. All tremolos feature full-size sustainer blocks.
  • Full internal shielding and a wiring circuit without the ground loops found in many electric guitars. In other words, the pickup circuit has been separated from the ground circuit of the bridge and strings. This keeps the metal parts of the guitar from acting as an antenna that picks up outside electrical noise.
  • Loctite® 290 used on output jack and tuning peg nuts to keep them tight for the life of the guitar.
  • Paint removed from the tremolo spring cavity to allow the wood to breathe.
  • Each guitar is fully set-up and tested.
  • Strap locks are a standard feature.
  • Complimentary tool kit and instructions.
  • Extra set of strings.

What’s Up With This Bag Of Stuff?

I really hope that you keep and play this guitar for a long time. To help ensure that, I have included some things that you will find helpful to maintain your guitar at its peak.

  • One extra set of strings
    • Nitro Neil uses Dr. Duck’s nickel alloy strings as standard equipment on all single-coil-equipped guitars. Also included is the extra high E string that Duck’s Deluxe includes with their string sets. http://ducksdeluxe.com
  • Big Bends Nut Sauce “Lil Hum’r”
  • Marvel Strap Locks
    • The mounting posts are installed on the guitar. Simply install the locks on your strap – see instructions.
  • The remaining springs for the tremolo – see instructions.
  • Allen Hex Wrenches for adjusting the truss rod and saddle height – see instructions.
  • 6-inch steel ruler for measuring string height – see instructions.
  • .006 inch feeler gauge for measuring the neck relief – see instructions.
  • Assorted wooden parts for adjusting and locking the tremolo – see instructions.
  • Some picks with the Nitro Neil logo. Suitable for framing.
  • All in a fashionable zippered bag!
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